laughing gulls

A couple of Impressive laugh Picture

  1. laughing gulls

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    Image by ricmcarthur
    A rare bird at home, but in Texas they were everywhere. Their call/cry does sound like a laugh, a very disturbing laugh.
    The oldest known Laughing Gull was 22 years old.
    Leucophaeus atricilla

  2. Laughing Dove
    Image by Koshyk
    A Laughing Dove (Stigmatopelia senegalensis) posing for my new Nikon D4S. April 14, Vishu/ Bihu/ Pongal / New Year Day 2014. The Camera was a Vishu (New Year) gift from Susan.

  3. Laughing Squid iPhone Webclip Icon
    Image by Scott Beale
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