A number Remarkable loom Graphics

  1. loom-at-home
    Image by RuTemple
    Heres the loom, with the warp at tension, and a few inches of the woven sample I had diddled with — this basically got me past all those broken warp threads Id had to tie up on inheriting the lovely beast. Eagle-eyed weavers will see the futzing with tension I had to do; the weaving onward past this point, beginning after the cardboard strips, will be much happier to whomp along. That there joggle around the left part of the lighter blue was where there were some inexplicably tight warp threads compared to the rest — all fixed now!

    Notice that I got the loom folded up, out the door and trucked to California from Arizona, into the house, further into its resting place, and all unfolded and re-tensioned, without breaking a single warp thread!!

    I will have you know I rock, she said modestly, gleefully beginning to weave.

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  2. 299/365: 10/26/2013. Rainbow Loom Bracelet!
    Image by peddhapati
    Rainbow loom, my daughters (7 year old) new favorite toy. Shes been making all sort of bracelets with it, figured Id make a picture of it for the 365.